With our high quality images available at Bali Print, it is possible today to have an image from our collection printed on waterproof wallpaper. We use a printing technology based on 13 inks couple with the best wall paper available in order to reach optimum product quality. Furthermore, our images are extrapolated professionally (we are not using Adobe Photoshop for instance) so details are well preserved up to 400-600% enlargement.


In order to determine the price of the wallpaper, you need to measure first the height and width of the wall, multiply those two numbers and multiply again by the price per square meter below to reach the price. The total price includes also the photography license (given to the photographer of Bali Print), free installation and a 2-year warranty.

Surface in

Price per

1 to 3.99 sqm 1,140,000 IDR / sqm
4 to 9.99 sqm 950,000 IDR / sqm
10 sqm and above 850,000 IDR / sqm