Are you a photographer?

If you are a passionate photographer with a beautiful portfolio, you can contact us to join the Bali Print community.

By establishing Bali Print, we have the desire to re-establish photography as an art. We offer a new decorative approach for any home owners, hotels, resorts, restaurants, galleries and art buyers worldwide. In doing so, we also want to help emerging talents but also established photographers for a better visibility on the web. We can further improve their visibility as an artist photographer by gaining access to our curated catalog.

Furthermore, we want be fair with you and Bali Print doesn’t want to hold you back on any sorts of exclusivity. The copyright of your work remains entirely yours with your portfolio sold on a non-exclusive basis only. If you successfully join us, we also offer a royalty rate of 15% on the net sales and 20% discount to print your images through the platform. However, becoming part of Bali Print remains solely our artistic committee’s decision. It is however based on several important criteria. The tripod must be used for landscapes. RAW images, proper lighting and composition are important too.  And most importantly the subject must match our catalog’s style.

Are you an interior designer?

We do want to hear from you. Please contact us to receive our PDF interactive catalog if you want to deal with our products. We do offer interesting commissions based on projects and sales. From home decoration projects to complex hotels and resorts assignments, we can handle extensive production, shipping and freight.

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