Thanks to the Canon PRo-4000 printer, Bali Print can offer an extremely wide range of sizes to choose from, starting from the basic A4 size (20x30cm) to recommended sizes of 40x60cm and 50x70cm up to the ultra large prints of 100cm large. We can offer special panoramic prints of up to 90x270cm for instance and even ultra large square prints of 100x100cm. Before choosing the size, we recommend you to measure the empty space of your wall so that you can select the correct size in the menu.


20×30 cm | 30x40px | 40×60 cm | 50×70 cm
60×90 cm | 80×130 cm


25×25 cm | 50×50 cm | 100×100 cm


15×45 cm | 30×90 cm | 50×150 cm | 90×270 cm



We provide three choices of long lasting paper specially crafted for the Canon printer. It comes as Matt, Semi Glossy and Glossy. To avoid any glare or reflection lighting effect from the acrylic glass, Bali Print usually recommends to avoid the glossy paper. In terms of canvas, it comes as thin and thick. While the thin canvas is fine for small and medium prints, the thick canvas is more appropriate for large and extra large outputs. It is also another more economical option because the frame on which the print is mounted is much lighter than the teak or plywood frames. The cost of the parcel can be also much lower thanks to the weight.

Passe partout

The finishing mount is also popularly named ‘passe-partout’ and it comes as pure white, cream white and black. We usually recommend for most prints to use the cream white but sometimes the black and pure white color are more suitable choices.


Canvas Thin

Canvas Thick

Passe partout


Wood framing

We offer several kind of wood framing options with the highly recommended teak wood. The old teak wood can truly bring a nice sense of art craft and it comes as cream, natural brown and black. Bali Print also provides a cheaper alternative with the black plywood. All prints are then protected by an unbreakable protective acrylic glass.

Teak Cream

Teak Brown

Teak Black

Black Plywood

Aluminum framing

In terms of acrylic, we offer two options, the acrylic mounted with screw and mounted on aluminum. For the screw option, the artwork is composed of two layers of acrylic with the print placed in between and several screws in each corner and centers hold it firmly in place. For the second option, the frame is made of aluminum the print is placed between layers of acrylic, giving the artwork a more modern look compared to the traditional rustic wood frame.

Acrylic Aluminum

Bali Print product detail acrylic screw

Acrylic Screws