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Pre-purchases questions?

Find below the answers to the common questions that usually people ask themselves before using our services.
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We print on Canvas and Paper materials, coming as Matte, Semi Gloss or Glossy options. The semi Gloss is the recommended and usual option between all of them. If you desire to opt for Matte or Glossy, then let us know!

We also print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper on request if you need the best output.

By default we print on a Semi Gloss paper; however we also possess Glossy and Matte paper. If you desire to opt for one of this choice, please let us know accordingly for each print.

By default we print on a Semi Gloss canvas; however we also possess Glossy and Matte canvas. If you desire to opt for one of this choice, please let us know accordingly for each print.

We can print on specific request on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper and Canvas; for this kind of option you need to contact us directly by email with your customised order.

The Canvas mount is the basic option meaning the Canvas is stretched and attached to a spanram mount only.

The canvas mount with a wood frame is a more classy and much better looking artwork with a natural wood frame added around the mounted canvas; it helps also hiding all the edges around.

Teak wood is the main wood choice and it comes also in different colours, such as natural light brown, white, washed out white, dark brown and black.

Hardwood is as good as the teak but it comes more smooth and polished.

The choice of the wood frame depends also on your interior style and colours, we always recommend to match the colour of the frame with your wall.

An Acrylic mount is the paper print being inserted between two layers of acrylic with screws to hold the print and hang.

A tube print is basically a print only (Canvas or Paper) that is inserted in a mailing tube for local or international shipment. The advantage of this option is it is light weight and it reduces the shipment cost. In doing so, you can frame it back home afterwards.

Technical specifications

We use the PROGRAF PRO-4000 printer from Canon to produce the best photographic print results by using a 12-colored ink system (giclee) technology and with a print resolution of up to 2400 dpi. We are capable of handling ultra large print of up to 100cm (1m) width with a 3m length, ideal for panoramic format. The paper used comes either as Matt, Semi Glossy or Glossy and has been crafted to deliver ever long lasting reproduction with ultra smooth finishing. We usually recommend the Semi Gloss paper to avoid any sorts of glare or reflection effect through the non reflecting glass.


All our images come in high resolution format that can come out nicely on any printed size available. All images were professionally captured as RAW and edited for best printing output.

Yes we do customise the size of the prints as well! A wall hanged artwork needs to breathe with sufficient space all around it and to do so sometimes it is necessary to do some adjustment in terms of image cropping and resolution enhancement of a photograph.

We use sometimes AI Giga Pixel resolution enhancement software for extremely large print output such as panorama format that can reach up to 3m long.

Further inquiry

Yes we do ship within Indonesia border and abroad. However for worldwide shipment, we usually recommend to buy prints only rolled in tube for cheaper and faster shipment and have it framed back home.

Yes it is possible and it all depends on the quality of your portfolio and if you shoot as raw format. We often pay attention to talented photographers and your are welcome to contact us for further inquiry.

It is not usually our main line of work to print ‘basic family’ pictures but for some specific request especially coming from fellow photographers that need expertise in fine art printing, art galleries and further business partners, you can contact us directly for this.

On the product page, you need to select the ‘print in tube only’ option after selecting the Size and the Canvas or Paper option. The print will be inserted in a tube and send back to your provided address.

We currently give 15% for the year of 2021 for the prints purchased directly online with the coupon code COVID2021. Further discounts may apply based on the quantity of prints required, if it is an interior decoration project or even a gallery exhibition. Kindly contact us with your request and we can discuss from there!

Yes we do! When purchasing a photographic artwork with us, the best result is to match the print and frame colour with your interior decoration and at that time we can assist you in making the perfect choice!

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