Frequently Asked Questions

1. Ordering a print

When you click on an image, the options appear on the right side with 4 necessary steps to follow through:

– STEP 1 ‘Choose your print size’
You select the desired size from small to ultra large reproduction

– STEP 2 ‘Print on paper or canvas’
You choose the type of paper (matt or semi-glossy) or the canvas (thin or thick)

– STEP 3 ‘Select your finishing’
You decide if you want it framed, unframed (thus sent in a mailing tube) or just mounted on a passe-partout

– STEP 4 ‘Select your frame’ or mailing tube
You select the type of framing either on acrylic, wood, canvas mount or simply the tube

If you want to modify an option, you need to reverse back the options by deselecting them one by one.

2. The collections and respective costs

Bali Print displays a wide range of images classified by collections and themes and the cost of a printed image depends on the selected print size, the type of paper or canvas, the finishing option and the kind of frame you choose.

3. The mailing tube

The mailing tube is the ideal solution to those ordering a print from outside Indonesia as it reduces tremendously the cost of delivery. You simply frame it in your country of origin.

4. The wooden frame

Bali Print has the advantage to provide the famous teak wood to frame your print and at a very low cost compared to what is mostly supplied in your home country. Using that noble and classy wood truly makes the difference for indoor decoration.

5. The author’s copyright

The purchase of a printed photograph doesn’t transfer the copyright ownership to the buyer and the image creation remains the sole propriety of the photographer represented by Bali Print. It is strictly forbidden to scan the print image and to use it commercially, such as posters, calendars, magazines etc. or any sort usage involving large reproduction. However, if you are interested in reproducing an image for other purposes, please contact Bali Print by using the contact form provided regarding this.

6. Purchasing on Bali Print

You can either pay by using PayPal or by direct Bank Transfer when selecting the payment option at the last stage of placing your order. When the payment is processed and the fund is cleared, the print will be produced and delivered to you by EMS Postal service with a tracking number as a reference.

7. Delivery time

The delivery time depends on your geographical location as we are located in Bali and we rely on the Indonesian EMS postal service. For local expedition throughout Indonesia, the time may vary between 1 to 3 days while for the rest of the World from 5 to 10 days. For Bali, we can provide door to door delivery on request.

8. Your account

It is in your interest to create an account before placing an order so that you can fill in the required information such as your contact, billing address, delivery and play with the wishlist option and shopping cart.

9. The little heart shape wishlist tool

While browsing the collections, the little heart wishlist lets you add any image you like and review them at a later stage. It is a very useful tool to make a first selection and keep those you like and delete those you dislike.

10. The shopping cart

You can modify the shopping cart at anytime by removing or adding prints. As long as the order isn’t finally placed you always have this option.